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"The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think."  - Edwin Schlossberg

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1.  S.E.E. Method of Paragraph Development

2.  Essay Structure and Thesis Development

3.  Writing Process

4.  Model Outline

5.  Methods of Organization


6.  MLA Format

7.  Essay Format

8.  Formatting Works Cited Page

9.  Formatting Works Cited Internet Sources

10. Works Cited Page Example


11. Quoting Non-Fiction, Novels, Short Stories, and Poems

12. Quoting Songs, Plays, and Movies

13. Document Formatting: "Hey, how do I..."

14. Parenthetical Citation

15. Adding Variety to Your Writing


16. Useful Transitions

17. She Said, He Said

18. Writer's Word Palette

19. Writer Style Palette

20. Editor's Guide


21. Response Group

22. Conference Questions

23. Self Conference

24. Glossing

25. Writers Rules and Pointers


26. Creating Notecards

27. Formatting Notecards

28. UC Subject A Rubric

29. UC Subject A Rubric Self Evaluation

30. Internet Research and Plagiarism


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